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We help school transport providers access the funding required for technological improvements across their fleets.

Who we are

About Triply

Triply is a Subsidiary of Intergov Solutions (IGS Inc.), headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S. We use our expertize in Information Technology (IT), the Internet of Things (IoT), public contract procurement management skills to serve industry leaders with pioneering technology that streamlines processes. 

Triply Transit has a wealth of expertize in government procurement contracts. Our service helps school transport providers access the funding required for technological improvements across their fleets. 

Too many businesses struggle to obtain the necessary cash flow to keep operations running smoothly, staff equipped with the necessary tools to do their job, and keep parents in the loop about their child’s safety – to and from school, during field trips and extracurricular journeys that operators frequently provide. 

Our Objective is Simple…

To merge our expertize in government contract procurement with school bus operators in all DoDEA districts to bring…

Upgrading Bus Fleets for a Massively Underserved Community

The DoDEA is the recipient of the largest chunk of federal funding for school transport. Astonishingly, for the approximate 198 annual contracts put out for calls for submission, only four bids are put forward. Overwhelmingly, the winning bid is using buses that are 15 to 20 years old with zero technology installed. 

So much more can be done that can make investments in student transport go further to serve local communities better. 

Our Goal…

To put modern-day technology within the existing infrastructure of every school transport service provider throughout DoDEA districts. 

The trending focus of operators is on electric vehicles (EVs), reducing carbon emissions and making improvements toward the total cost of ownership of existing vehicles. These are admirable goals for the long-term. 

In the short term, the result is a lack of investment toward technological improvements to school buses. Advancements in technologies that parents crave. Improvements that are beneficial to school administrators and transport providers. Improvements that will be welcomed by all parties. 

Making Government Funding More Accessible

The fastest way to drive change in any industry is through strategic partnerships. Our expertize is in contract procurement and IT for contract management. Our partners’ expertise is in providing the school transport service. 

Triply Transit brings together the IoT providers with school transport operators and fund the purchase of hardware through the federal funding granted on a per contract basis. 

Our service is a value-added provider of government contract procurement and management services. 

We help school transport providers win government contracts in DoDEA school districts, and handle all the contractual obligations on behalf of our partners. 

Our partners benefit from minimal fuss growth with no upfront investment and schools benefit from improved student transport services with heightened security, visibility, transparency, and operational efficiencies. 

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