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We Bring Technology Advancements to School Bus Fleets to enhance student safety, increase visibility and provide parents with the ultimate peace of mind.

Triply Transit help schools and parents experience the maximum benefits of modern technology. To assist with operational issues across school districts via visibility tools integrated on school buses. 

School administrators and parents can access vehicle GPS data to see the whereabouts of school buses. Parents get the reassurance they crave – to know their child has safely arrived at school, or disembarked the bus at the right stop. If a student gets off with a friend at another stop, or the wrong stop, tracing their whereabouts is done faster with an accurate start point.

RFID scanners can go farther than simply monitoring student attendance. Systems can be programmed to alert drivers of where a student should be picked up and dropped off, thereby preventing students accidentally getting off at the wrong stop. 

Continually, research polls among parents show that they want to see location data of school buses. The technology is used in delivery fleets in every district, and around the globe, yet parents cannot see where a school bus is. Consumers can be alerted to a package being safely delivered to a designated location, yet parents lack the same data from the same technology that would let them know when their child gets on a school bus, if it is the right bus, if they reached the school safely and without incident. 

By utilizing RFID and GPS technologies, Triply can change the trajectory by bridging the gap between school bus operators and technology vendors. 

Accessible e-Learning for all

Digital learning has become integrated into education. By providing tablets aboard school buses, students can continue to learn throughout their journey, go through their homework, watch educational videos, or read up on electronic textbooks or other digital documents. 

During field trips, teachers are better equipped to provide on board education by utilizing interactive lessons using the electronic tablets.  

Drivers benefit from increased focus brought about by fewer distractions, and journey times can be reduced through more efficient route mapping and re-routing using the real-time data to avoid congestion. 

Efficient route mapping brings about cost savings from the reduced transport time, and while boosting ethical and safe driving practices that the on-board technology encourages. 


Our Aim

Our aim is to be trusted collaborators among the school bus operator community. To assist in upgrading fleets with modern technology at no upfront cost. Our service is subsidized and we work with technology partners and service providers. Through strategic collaboration, vendors and operators can get better access to the technology and services required that provides the best-in-class student transport services that benefit students, schools, parents, and staff. 

Triply is a Subsidiary of IGS Inc. who currently holds over $12,000,000 in active Federal Contracts. Our team has over 20 years of experience combined, dealing with the intricacies of U.S. Government contracts. 

To find out how we can be of benefit to your school transport service, get in contact with us today. 

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