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We provide a suite of services to school bus operators to make their operations run more efficiently while being inclusive of the needs of parents.

When parents put their kids on the school bus, the only means available to show where their kids are is to use a tracking app on their mobile phone. 

For kids without a phone, parents only know their kids  are safe when they arrive home. 

The services offered by Triply Transit aims to change that. We provide a suite of services to school bus operators to make their operations run more efficiently while being inclusive of the needs of parents. 

The Technology

The following technology are supplied by Triply Transit to partner school bus operators at no upfront cost. 

RFID Scanners

Our RFID scanners are installed on school buses and can be integrated with school systems to automate attendance reporting.

Many schools already use RFID technology in their student ID badges. These are frequently used for attendance checking and for secure door entry systems. The RFID scanners can be integrated with an existing system, or passes can be allocated to students in school districts without RFID enabled ID badges.

Electronic school bus monitoring software

Using the on-board GPS tracking, school administrators are able to promptly identify any route abnormalities such as unscheduled deviations, and monitor stop times. Long stop times can indicate busy pickup points enabling more efficient placement of bus monitors.

GPS Tracking

GPS (Global Position System) tracking provides parents with the updates they crave. To know where their child is from the instant that they get on the school bus until they disembark.

Enhanced student safety

Systems can be customized to send notifications to parents if their child gets off the bus at the wrong/different stop, such as if they decide to go to a friend’s house after school.

Alerts are possible by integrating the GPS tracking system with the RFID scanner so that each student is identifiable within the school bus telematics system.

Educational Tablets

On-board tablets (with parental controls enabled) can assist with digital learning from the start of the journey, or used for entertainment throughout the journey.

By keeping students engaged and entertained on the school bus, there is less driver distractions. Fewer driver distractions mean safer student transport.

Contract Management

Core to our service is enabling our partners to procure the appropriate government contracts that reward proactive school transport providers. 

Our experienced procurements team are well-versed in all aspects of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs), Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations, and the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Regulations. Additionally, we are knowledgeable on the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), which is the primary regulation for all executive agencies involved in acquisitions of supplies and services appropriated with Federal funding. 

We can assist with regulatory compliance, records management, and compliance monitoring throughout the duration of contracts. In addition to the federal regulations governing school bus operators, we tailor our approach for compliance with the various State regulations.  

Full Procurement Management

Our bespoke service entails all aspects of public procurement contracts for school transport services on behalf of the DoDEA. This includes monitoring each school district for contracts put out to tender, creating a bid for submission, managing communications throughout, forming a contract, and the management of that contract for its entirety. 

Government contracts for student transport are posted for submissions annually and often have a tight deadline. 

We gather all the pertinent information required for a government contract submission through our initial screening process ensuring suitable partners are primed for the best chance of being awarded a contract.

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